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To all the wonderful wineries, winemakers, cheese producers, wine salesmen, sommeliers, restaurant owners, and fine wine shop retailers who shared their passion and knowledge with us over the years, we thank you. This career is not as easy as it looks from the outside, but together we have built one of the greatest industries filled with wonderful loyal friends sharing the most amazing meals, wines and adventures.........

Italian Wine Notes

                                      By Gary Grunner & Bob Lipinski

Italian Wine Notes received Five Stars from the Readers Favorite Book Review along with such great praise from the professional wine trade along with so many Italian food and wine lovers like yourself when it was released.

The book is in the process of being updated for its overdue 3rd Edition. Italian wine is a life time journey that keeps changing and keeps you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what will be next!

A simple to use book for lovers of Italian wine and food (regional foods, cheese, meats, olive oil). All the important Italian grapes and wines are covered including background, and sensory evaluation. Each region is covered (DOCG, DOC, and IGT laws, square miles, population, soccer teams, total production), along with all 73 DOCG and most of the DOC wines. Recommended producers, along with a glossary and phonetic pronunciations of all terms, wines, grapes, and so forth. A great book for anyone traveling to Italy.​


“Traveling to Italy or taking a trip to your local wine shop? Italian Wine Notes is your best companion”

"Gary Grunner"


  Italian Wine & Cheese Made Simple
                                       By  Bob Lipinski& Gary Grunner

This book contains more than 250 cheeses in simple, concise terms that describe them, along with wines and fruits they pair with. A "ready-reference guide" that can be used repeatedly without ever becoming outdated. Both the novice and expert alike will literally find hundreds of wine and cheese pairings. This book can easily be carried into your favorite cheese or wine shop as an index for pairing and the start to having a geat meal.

 There is nothing like an amazing assortment of cheeses, breads, spreads, jams and a glass of wine! One of my greatest cheese experiences was in Verona, Italy with Gaetano Bertani one of Italy's greatest wine makers spending an afternoon in Veronas top ristorante di formaggio........


“So many cheeses, so many decisions... Bob & Gary’s book takes the pain out of making that perfect pairing decision!” Lisa Griffiths, Director of Sales & Marketing– Cheese Selections 

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